"Why So Serious" Dad Hat


Image of "Why So Serious" Dad Hat

The "Why so serious" hat combines simplicity and vibrancy into one. The outer rim of the bill is painted with a red 'Joker' smile that runs throughout the edge of the hat, while a miniature joker serves as a sort of emblem on the center of the cap. Micro-detailed to showcase every part of the jokers wardrobe and face, all while a highlight green glow shadows around the mini joker.
Each hat is individually hand painted, NOT embroidered, no two hats will be identical. Upon purchasing a product, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. As with all art, each product is made with the customers satisfaction in mind, however please be mindful of the art and wear each product with care. Thank You!

Each hat I design is made in very limited numbers .


Image of "Why So Serious" Dad Hat