Air Mag Roshe


Image of Air Mag Roshe

"The future is here"
The Air Mag inspired roshe goes back to the future and revisits one of the most iconic sillhouttes of the 80's. A light gray upper is beautifully paired with a color-splattered sole as it pays homage to its predecessor, while simultaneously making a name of its own. The neon-blue swoosh holds strong a resemblance to the light-up portion of its counterpart adding a balanced glow to the shoes. A colorful logo reads "Air Mag" on the back tab contrasting the darker shade of gray that bases the shoe. An innovative shoe all together, the Air Mag Roshe brings forth the past, present, and future.

Each pair is hand painted and no two pairs are identical. Upon purchasing a product, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. As with all art, each product is made with the customers satisfaction in mind, however please be mindful of the art and wear each product with care. Thank you for your continuous support.